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What We Do

Grand Rapids Aerial Drone Video is a commercial aerial video production company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids Aerial Drone has several drones, each quipped with a high quality 4k or 6k camera. Each drone has a range of lenses available for different perspectives. Our experienced pilots and camera operators are available for cinema, aerial photography, inspection, real-estate, and information gathering purposes.

Operating the camera is the most important aspect of drone video production. Our large drones are equipped with dual controllers, ensuring the camera operator instantaneous control of all camera settings, pan and tilt controls. The pilot and camera operator work as a team to capture perfect aerial video. We are currently flying the DJI Inspire 2 drone with the 6k raw, s35, x7 camera. With this combo we’re able to transfer 6k prores 422/4444 HQ, cinema DNG, or prores raw files at the end of the shoot day. We also fly the Inspire 1 with x5 mft camera and have a mavic pro for tight situations.

Grand Rapids Aerial Drone Video also licenses stock footage. Interested in purchasing a single clip? Grand Rapids Aerial Drone Video may already have the footage you need in our library.

Licensed, Insured, Experienced

Capturing aerial drone footage for commercial use requires FAA licensing and a thorough understanding of regulated airspace, safety procedures, as well as piloting and camera operating experience. Grand Rapids Aerial Drone Video ensures your video production will be of the highest quality, safe, and well within the law. Pilot certificate license information is available upon request.

Grand Rapids Aerial Drone Video is licensed under pt. 107 with the FAA. Among many things, this allows us to request access to airspace that is unavailable to unlicensed UAV pilots. Flying with an FAA certified Pilot In Command also ensures that your crew is informed of a flight plan, safety procedures, and federal regulations. For more information on controlled airspace and other FAA regulations, please contact Brad at (269)998-2370 before scheduling your drone video production or aerial photography.

Serving Grand Rapids, Michigan and all of the United States.



For information on video productions that stay on ground, contact bscvideo.com in East Lansing, Michigan.


Bradley Scott (269) 998-2370